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Transportation Management System (TMS)

The complete integrated and modular solution to organize and manage your transport activity.

Acteos TMS provides operational, tactical and strategic answers to your transport management and team to help to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Acteos TMS is designed for all those who purchase transportation – including loaders with a dedicated fleet.

ACTEOS TMS – Master your transport activity and business constraints

  • Optimize transverse transport costs
  • Reduce the duration of daily activities for all users by simplifying all steps
  • Strengthen and systematize your relationship with your suppliers and carriers
  • Smart and automatable planning, flows optimization
  • Strengthen and systematize your relationship with your suppliers and carriers
  • Accelerate strategic decisions using simulations and KPIs
  • Reduce and keep records of transport problems (claims, damages, QOS)
  • Analyse the costs, margins per product, range, entity…
  • Consider external constraints (CO2, Carbon Tax)

Transportation Management by Acteos : Features & Benefits

Acteos TMS is based on a brand new optimization engine, more efficient, and more flexible that takes all your business constraints into account:
  • Advanced rate database / multimodal / third party transport and services
  • Transportation planning management and optimization
  • Automatic construction of consolidated expeditions
  • Automatic or manual creation of tours (optimizing costs, distance and time)
  • Recognition of contracts, rules and allocation priorities
  • Graphical display of routes and roadmaps
  • Real and proforma load capacity management
Acteos TMS provides you with all the required tools to efficiently manage your transport needs towards your providers – both in advance and real time. It also takes the existing contracts and available ressources into account.
  • Manual or automatic chartering
  • Intuitive interface for the adjustments of chartering and rounds
  • Best carrier selection based on different pricings (rate database), service levels and green impact
  • Third party companies and pooling management
  • Transport orders can be validated via fax, e-mail, EDI or web portal
  • Yard management, drivers reception, site management
  • Appointment management / load control
  • Real time follow-up of active tours
  • Tour progression and display via the web portal (for senders, recipients and contractors)
Acteos TMS offers smart tools to accurately measure the QOS of your carriers and service providers:
  • Quality of service management for transport providers (punctuality, incidents, claims)
  • Mitigating actions, related costs and follow up of every claim
  • QOS statistics
  • Complex pricing and conditions management (fixed price, variable costs, complementary fees…)
  • Recognition of grouping rules and roadmaps
  • Pre-invoicing, automatic control of carriers’ invoices, possibility of manual invoice check via the web portal
  • Interface with external accounting systems and ERPs (provision, breakdown, allocation)
  • Transaction log follow up
  • Suppliers management, INCOTERMs recognition
  • Partners network (carriers, clients, suppliers, points of sales…)
  • Parametrable and configurable for every profile
  • Simplified online processes (chartering, claims, appointments, traceability, warnings)
  • Advanced features (freight exchange, capacity declaration, quotations, validation of pre-invoicing, documents management)
Acteos TMS helps you to measure and analyze your key figures:
  • Embed statistics engine
  • Common dashboard / KPI presentation
  • Transport costs measurement
  • Export to spreadsheets, interface to BI software
  • Exports to Excel, Maps, PDF, connection to BI software

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