Forecasting & Procurement System

Acteos places forecasting and logistics procurement at the heart of Supply Chain activities. The Acteos demand planning software adapts to your organization and your markets, which make up a complex and dynamic system.

Acteos prioritizes the integration of demand forecasting and logistics procurement in Supply Chain operations

Acteos Forecasting & Procurement System (FPS) is a multi-level procurement management and sales forecasting software that can be installed at each node of your Supply Chain: factory, warehouse, service provider, point of sale, foreign subsidiary, website, drive, and more.

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With Acteos Forecating and Procurement System, companies switch from a simple centralized procurement flow to a point of sales driven and multi-level Supply Chain Managmenent organization (flowcasting).

Acteos streamlines your Supply Chain operations

Data retrieval

Repository, inventory, sales, movements, work in progress…


Safety Stock calculation

Service level, shelf facing capacity, shelf-life of products (DLC)…


Order Planning and Financial Optimization

Speculation, rounding, quantitative pricing scales


Order-line control

Dynamic multi-criteria selection, Carrier portal


The FPS process is launched daily for each site

Forecast calculation

Calculation of daily forecasts for each logistics node


Quantity planning

Order based on availability schedules and opening calendars


Order control

Pre-invoicing, portal validation, invoice control


Forecasting & Procurement by Acteos : Features and Benefits

Did you know ?

25 to 40 % – Is the inventory level decrease after installing an expert procurement and forecasting software. Acteos Forecasting & Procurement System (FPS) produces cummulative earnings at each level of the Supply Chain: Warehouses, Platforms, Distribution Centers and Point of Sales.

99% – Is the Quality of Service level observed after installing FPS without a major impact on safety stocks. Moreover, a 50 % decrease of the shortages and inventory losses.

Satisfying your customers as your priority…

Acteos will enable you to reduce noticeably in a few months your shortages and your point of sales inventory level. It provides to your whole Supply Chain the essential data to reduce costs and optimize activity !.

The key points

Acteos WMS can run any preparation process both modes single and multi-channel

  • Launch orders to be prepared (multi-criterion selection), load calculation
  • Dispatch for operators and progression follow up
  • Preparation circuits optimization, containers optimization, preparation statistics
  • Cross-docking (interception and allotment)
  • Packing, picking preparation, retail preparation, full pallets preparation, mechanized preparation, multi-customer, multidestination
  • Customer constraints managemement
  • Labelling, slotting
  • Vocal, radio, paper, mechanized picking / pick to Light

Main features

  • Orders proposal optimization
  • Manual or computer aided validations
  • Help for decision making / controling and Business Intelligence tools
  • Events and phenomena / knowledge database (Promotions, marketing shares)
  • Natural integration with existing related solutions W MS, TMS, POS Backoffice, central procurement (APS) and the whole range of Acteos products and modules

Forecasting performance

Acteos Forecasting & Procurement System is based on a new forecast technology and algorithms developed by Acteos after several years of research :

  • Pre-treatment and cleaning of the data
  • Accurate sales forecasts in short, medium and long term
  • Calculation of optimal safety stocks forecasts based on the required service level
  • Exceptional events detection, automatic and daily tuning of the engine
  • Research the right aggregation and forecasting level for products with low turnover (family, range, area, suppliers…)
  • Smart selection of best algorithms and models

Constraints Management

Acteos Forecasting & Procurement System is a complete solution designed with and for the retailing users. It takes into account :
  • Multi-site / Multi-channel context
  • Storage capacity and store surface
  • Products lead time (suppliers orders, deliveries, stock cards)
  • Advanced management calendar store
  • Facing, service level, point of sales strategy
  • Explanatory variables correlated to sales (weather, economic context, promotions and operations…).

Advance AI Technology

Acteos Forecasing & Procurement System is the first product by Acteos based on the state of the art in technological and open standards :

  • Full J2E Techno (multi-application server : Oracle, JBoss…)
  • Multi-database (Oracle, PostgreSQL)
  • Web 2.0 multi-browser interface (CSS, AJAX)
  • Available in SaaS mode (rent and use the product on the WEB)
Interface prévision de la demande logiciel FPS

With Acteos FPS, you can:

The multi-level advanced solution for Forecasting and Procurement in Point of Sales / e-Business / Distribution Centers.

Continuous forecast and analyses improvement (POS, Consumers)

Smart and dynamic supply

Inventory optimization and an improved service leve

Higher number of references

Sales and turnover development

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