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Forecasting & Procurement System

The multi-level advanced solution for Forecasting and Procurement in Point of Sales / e-Business / Distribution Centers

With Acteos Forecating and Procurement System, companies switch from a simple centralized procurement flow to a point of sales driven and multi-level Supply Chain Managmenent organization (flowcasting). This multi-level solution will not only improve forecasts, but will boost your whole organization.

ACTEOS FPS offers :

  • Continuous forecast and analyses improvement (POS, Consumers)
  • Smart and dynamic supply
  • Inventory optimization and an improved service level
  • Higher number of references
  • Sales and turnover development

Forecasting & Procurement by Acteos : Features and Benefits

25 to 40 % – Is the inventory level decrease after installing an expert procurement and forecasting software. Acteos Forecasting & Procurement System (FPS) produces cummulative earnings at each level of the Supply Chain: Warehouses, Platforms, Distribution Centers and Point of Sales.

99% – Is the Quality of Service level observed after installing FPS without a major impact on safety stocks. Moreover, a 50 % decrease of the shortages and inventory losses.

Satisfying your customers as your priority…

Acteos will enable you to reduce noticeably in a few months your shortages and your point of sales inventory level. It provides to your whole Supply Chain the essential data to reduce costs and optimize activity !.

  • Local consumer behavior analysis
  • Self learning system, knowledge database
  • Local variables and events identification
  • Local constraints management (POS, area…)
  • Simple and ergonomic interface
Acteos Forecasting & Procurement System is based on a new forecast technology and algorithms developed by Acteos after several years of research :
  • Pre-treatment and cleaning of the data
  • Accurate sales forecasts in short, medium and long term
  • Calculation of optimal safety stocks forecasts based on the required service level
  • Exceptional events detection, automatic and daily tuning of the engine
  • Research the right aggregation and forecasting level for products with low turnover (family, range, area, suppliers…)
  • Smart selection of best algorithms and models
  • Orders proposal optimization
  • Manual or computer aided validations
  • Help for decision making / controling and Business Intelligence tools
  • Events and phenomena / knowledge database (Promotions, marketing shares)
  • Natural integration with existing related solutions W MS, TMS, POS Backoffice, central procurement (APS) and the whole range of Acteos products and modules
Acteos Forecasting & Procurement System is a complete solution designed with and for the retailing users.
It takes into account :

  • Multi-site / Multi-channel context
  • Storage capacity and store surface
  • Products lead time (suppliers orders, deliveries, stock cards)
  • Advanced management calendar store
  • Facing, service level, point of sales strategy
  • Explanatory variables correlated to sales (weather, economic context, promotions and operations…).
Acteos Forecasing & Procurement System is the first product by Acteos based on the state of the art in technological and open standards :
  • Full J2E Techno (multi-application server : Oracle, JBoss…)
  • Multi-database (Oracle, PostgreSQL)
  • Web 2.0 multi-browser interface (CSS, AJAX)
  • Available in SaaS mode (rent and use the product on the WEB)

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